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Nautilus Diving Centre is open for diving all year round. You can be assured that you will be guided to the best diving sites, since the owner of the diving centre has been a scuba diver with four decades of experience in scuba diving and snorkelling, and a couple of thousand dives in the Murter Sea and Kornati National Park.

The island Murter, including Tisno have good access to attractive cycling and hiking trails on the mainland and on the nearby islands. We will mention only a few of the many bike routes.                         

Bike paths:

Tisno– Ivinj– Sveti Marin– Pirovac – Prosika –Vransko jezero – selo Vrana

Tisno – Tribunj –Vodice

=> path 1: Okit – Vodice– sanctuary of Our Lady of Karmela

=> path 2: Sv. Ivan– Vodice- Okit –St. Ivan – Rakitnica Tisno (St. Andrija) - Jezera - Lovišća - Betina - Murter Tisno – Dubrava – Čista– Skradin – Miljevački plateau

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Sailing school includes children aged 8-12 years. Children are divided into groups by age, younger (8-10 years old) and older (10-12 years old) and by previously acquired knowledge to beginners and advanced sailors which requires two leaders - coaches. Besides children from Betina and Murter the school is also attended by children who come on holidays so that they have the opportunity to acquire basic sailing skills. Staying in a sailing club, socializing and playing with peers alongside gaining knowledge and skills in sailing school will create a sense of pleasure and happiness in the child, as well as solid and positive habits. For details, refer to web page of the Betina Sailing Club Betina Sailing Club ŽAL.

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Water Polo Club Brodograditelj is a club with a long tradition (founded in 1953). Throughout July and August it organizes second league matches. Besides water polo, the club also organizes summer swimming schools for children. If your child loves to swim, you have come to the right place. Besides swimming and swimming rules, your child will learn the rules and sportsmanship, particularly useful in addition to gaining physical fitness and learning coordination, proper breathing, jumping, etc. All this is naturally accompanied by the pleasant socializing with peers and expert guidance of qualified coaches. Details can be viewed at VK Brodograditelj.


   Dolac 2a, 22244 BETINA

  +385 (0)22 436523

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